“Kvartal Parkovyi”

Residential district


Obukhiv city, Kyiv region, 1 Parkova street

Start of construction

August 2016

The residential district “Kvartal Parkovyi” (Residential Quarter Parkovyi) located in Obukhiv town (33km away from the metro station “Vydubychi”) is situated in pine forest. The plot of land area is 4.99 ha. The residential complex consists 16 5-, 6-, 7- and 9 –storied buildings, contains 992 apartments, with a total area of 58001,60 m² as well as non-residential premises for medical, health, educational and commercial purposes  of 9055,1m². The houses are built of red ceramic bricks with piles foundation. The residential district has 33 playgrounds, sports and recreation areas with 463 car parking places located at the external perimeter of the complex.

Clean air, unique natural visual environment, wonderful landscapes combined with superior quality construction, wide green areas and well-arranged territories around buildings – all this you can find in the residential complexes “Kvartal Parkovyi”.